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Historic Rural Structures of

Marshall County


Marshall County is in Northern Indiana.

Site visitor Steve Frevert photographed these rural buildings in Marshall County, Indiana. Says Steve: "I've taken several trips there doing family history research, but I try to document some of the historic landscape and buildings as well. Following are descriptions of the photos, in order:"

Marshall County Indiana - Centric polygonal barn
Centric polygonal barn on South Olive Trail Road
Green Township, Marshall County, Indiana
Photographed June 1999.

Centric polygonal barn

Centric polygonal barn on West 16th Road
Green Township, Marshall County, Indiana
Photographed June 1999.

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 Marshall County Indiana - Abandoned church or school building

Abandoned church or school building, South Pear Road, Rutland, Union Township, Marshall County, Indiana, photographed October 1998. At that time the front of the building was torn out, and it was used for hay storage.


Marshall County Indiana -old Allegheny House

Former inn, the old Allegheny House
18 B Road, Maxinkuckee, Union Township, Marshall County, Indiana
Photgraphed June 1999.

A marker on the building dates it to the 1830s.

Thanks to Steve Frevert for submitting these photos!

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