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10 Simple Ways you can help Promote Historic Preservation

...even if you aren't a wealthy real-estate mogul!

There are little things that each of us can do to help promote the preservation way-of-life in our communities. Here are a few:

1. Join the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

2. Join preservation societies in your area.

3. Shop at historic downtown areas whenever possible. If you conduct business at a well-maintained historic building, be sure to complement everyone you come in contact with on it.

4. Buy holiday and birthday gifts for those on your shopping list from the National Trust for Historic Preservation store. Give gift certificates for stores located in historic areas.

5. If someone on your shopping list owns a historic home, give them a book on maintaining and preserving their home by the Preservation Press.

6. Buy books from the Preservation Press and other preservation publishers and donate them to your local library for their shelves.

7. Write letters to your local newspaper supporting local preservation issues.

8. Write letters to your Congressman or Senator supporting preservation issues.

9. If you live outside Indiana, create a web page devoted to your area. Add plenty of photographs of historic structures to highlight items of community pride.

10. If you live inside Indiana, please consider supporting the Indiana Historic Preservation Home Page by shopping at our store! (Or, link to this site. The more links to this site, the higher it will place in search engines. If you don't have your own site, please mention this site on message boards and discussion forums.)

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