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Historic Structures of

Boonville, Indiana

Boonville is the seat of Warrick County.

Boonville - Warrick Co. Court House

Warrick Co. Court House

Court House Square, Boonville, Indiana

A handsome example of the Georgian architectural style, hallmarks of which are strict symmetry and geometrical proportions. Other characteristics of the Georgian style are:

  • axial entrances (situated around or along an axis)
  • hipped roofs (the external angle formed by the meeting of two sloping sides of a roof that have their wall plates running in different directions)
  • sash windows (the framework in which panes of glass are set in a window or door; not visible in this example because the windows have been replaced)

Boonville - Old Warrick Co. Jail (1877)

Old Warrick Co. Jail (1877)

124 E. Main St., Boonville, Indiana

This building shows elements of both the Italianate and Federal styles. Italianate buildings are marked by low roofs, overhanging eaves, round-headed windows and balustraded balconies.

These photos are courtesy of the photographer, Mike Habeck ( Mike is with EcoIndiana and, in addition to being concerned about historic architecture, is also looking out for the state's natural environment. Our thanks to Mike for sharing these photos with us.

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Purchasing items through this link helps pay our hosting fees