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by Dan Orr

Gary, Indiana

Palace Theater Pictures
Exterior and interior pictures

Memorial Auditorium Pictures by Dan Orr
Exterior and interior pictures

City Methodist Church
Exterior and interior pictures

Gary Knights of Columbus Building
Exterior pictures

Valparaiso, Indiana

Memorial Opera House

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Historic Structures of

Gary, Indiana

Memorial Auditorium

Images by Dan Orr

Our thanks to Dan Orr, Wanatah Indiana, for contributing these photos. Dan writes, "Thank You for this web site, It is just like what I would do, but you are doing a excellent job. I love Gary architecture, and have quite a few pics of buildings, some on the inside.

"I am using a Sony F505 with a Carl Ziess lens. I like it because it has a 5X zoom, and I can get a lot closer to some of the architectural elements that I like to shoot.I do have a little problem with graininess in the dark buildings, but still the quality is not too bad."

Many thanks to Dan Orr of Wanatah for contributing these superb photos.

Remains of the Memorial Auditorium (built to honor war dead).
To see the massive size of the original structure, see this historic postcard.

View other Gary postcards


There are still hopes for the city of Gary of doing something with the building. Credit goes to the city for erecting chain link fence around the structure to prevent further vandalism after the Great Gary Arson of 1997, but unfortunately nothing has been done with the structure since then.


Detail of the front. Inscription reads


Harp motifs give an indication of the types of public enrichment programs that could be found inside. Note the ornamental brickwork.


Around the building could be found inscriptions of the types of human endeavors that could be found inside.


Inscription on this side reads "ART."


Detail of front.






Remnants of the old doors give a hint of the splendor of the original interior.


Rear view of the structure gives an indication of the significant part of the structure that
burned down in the Great Gary Arson of 1997.


Part of the remaining interior of the building.


Ground floor level interior.




Folding chairs are still strewn around from the last time the building was used.


There is still much that remains of the original structure, but, of course, time is not on the building's side.

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