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Fact: A leading urban designer invited by former Gary mayor Scott King in 1996 cited downtown Gary's historic architecture as one of it's major assets. (Post-Tribune; May 5, 1996)

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Postcard Images of Gary Landmarks

All the buildings pictured here are still standing, but some are in desperate need of rehabilitation

Old postcards give a fascinating look at Gary's past and a hint of how it can look in the future, given desire and the proper incentives for rehabilitation.

Thanks to Christopher A. Meyers, local preservation consultant, for research, documentation and images on this page.

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Downtown Gary

Lake County Courthouse, Gary Indiana

Lake County Courthouse

Neoclassical; c. 1927

In use by Gary City Govt.

Gary City Hall, Gary Indiana


Gary City Hall

Neoclassical; c. 1927

In use by Gary City Govt.

Across street from above building; both can be seen in this picture

City Methodist Church, Gary Indiana


City Methodist Church, 1926


577 Washington St.

Stands nine stories tall. Empty for several years. Damaged in a 1997 fire. View more recent pre-fire photos


Hotel Gary, Gary Indiana

Hotel Gary


Exotic Revival; 1926

Charles Wheeler Nicol, architect

Rechristened the Genesis Towers and repurposed as a retirement building. See a present-day view


Memorial Auditorium, 19, Gary Indiana


Memorial Auditorium, 1925

Abandoned; 90% destroyed by fire.

Former mayor Scott King wanted to save the facade as part of a veteran's memorial. Current fate uncertain.


Gary Indiana Post Office, 1936

Gary Post Office, 1936


This long-neglected art-deco building, erected during FDR's administration, deserves to be given a new use.


Union Station, Gary indiana Neoclassical; poured concrete;

Union Station

Neoclassical; poured concrete; 1910

Vacant since the 1950s. Listed on the 10 Most Endangered Places in Indiana by Indiana Landmarks Foundation.


Knights of Columbus Building Gary Indiana

Knights of Columbus Building (Council No. 1347)


Renaissance Revival; 1926

Renovated as an apartment building.


Gary Water Tower, Gary Indiana

Gary Water Tower, c.1909

650 Madison St.

John W. Alvord, engineer

Still in use by the Northwest Indiana Water Co.


Marquette Park


Marquette Park Bathing Beach Pavilion, Gary Indiana

Marquette Park Bathing Beach Pavilion

Long abandoned; now under renovation

View present-day photos

Marquette Park Pavilion 1922; Maher & Son, architect, Gary Indiana


Marquette Park Pavilion

1922; Maher & Son, architects

Occupied, and one of the most popular gathering spots/banquet halls in the region.


Statue of Father Marquette, Marquette Park, Gary Indiana

Statue of Father Marquette

Marquette Park

Undergoing restoration.

Click here to see a more recent close-up of the statue

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