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Historic Structures of

South Bend, Indiana

University of Notre Dame

The glorious golden dome of the Adminsitration Building at dusk. Lining the building's main floor hallways are the Columbus murals of Luigi Gregoori, a portrait painter at the Vatican Museum in the 1860s.

Amazingly, even though the university is known for its golden dome (and its staff and students are known as "Golden Domers") few people had seen the beautiful rotunda, or inside of the dome, during the past fifty years. The fifth floor, just beneath the dome, had been closed off for half a century! It was just recently opened after a two-year rennovation (scaffolding can be seen in this picture).

Rotundas of historic buildings boast high curved ceilings and are frequently finished with fine marble. They often feature classical statuary, skylights, murals and sometimes, stained-glass windows. The beautiful rotunda of the Administration Building, with its ornate decoration and interior balconies, does not disappoint. Be sure to take a tour of it if you are on campus.

Thanks to site visitor Andy Wilson for information on some of these buildings.


Washington Hall, the current Performing Arts Center.


Close-up of one of the campus buildings shows its intricate detail.


Morrissey Manor, one of the men's dorms on campus.


Even the dormitories of the campus are steeped with character.


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