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Historic Landmarks of

Boone Co, Indiana

Lebanon and Thorntown

Thorntown is a small town in Boone Co., about 20 miles from Indianapolis.

Lebanon is the county seat of Boone Co., about 20 miles northwest of Indianapolis.


Boone Co. - Thorntown Public Library

Thorntown Public Library, 1915,

124 North Market Street

This building has some elements of the Italianate style. Fashionable in England and the U.S. in the 1840's and 1850's, Italianate is characterized by low-pitched roofs and heavily-bracketed arched windows. This building is similar in style to the Colfax Public Library.



Boone County Courthouse, 1911 Courthouse Square, Lebanon

Boone County Courthouse, 1911

Courthouse Square, Lebanon.


This style is characterized by the following characteristics:
    • Heavy ashlar stone bases (ashlar is squared building stone)
    • Paired columns with plinths (square or rectangular bases)
    • Sculptural figures

Often present in Beaux-Arts buildings, but not seen in this example, are:
    • Monumental attics
    • Cartouches (ornamental, often oval, tablets framed with elaborate scroll-like carvings)
    • Decorative swags (stone decorations that look something like a hanging garland of flowers, leaves or ribbon), and medallions (ornamental plaques, usually round or square)

A common feature of historic courthouses are the domes which form interior rotundas. These make grand meeting places for formal events. The rotundas boast high curved ceilings and are frequently finished with fine marble. They often feature classical statuary, skylights, murals and sometimes, stained-glass windows.


These photos are courtesy of the photographer, Mike Habeck (mhabeck@inetdirect.net). Mike is with EcoIndiana and, in addition to being concerned about historic architecture, is also looking out for the state's natural environment. Our thanks to Mike for sharing these photos.

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