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Historic Preservation History and Theory - A List
"This list is  to recommend books that give a good overall view of the history and current state of historic preservation theory and practice, as well as books that raise issues and questions that may shape its future."

Best Historic Preservation Resources

"This list is a selection of the most helpful textbooks we used in the undergraduate preservation program, as well as some supplementary books I used for projects. Being a multidisciplinary field, topics include anthropology, history, museum studies, architecture, ethnography, historical archaeology, urban planning, regional studies, and preservation law/history. While many texts are influenced by the ideas of traditional preservation (fine architecture, antiquarianism, politics, upper-class culture, "great men/moments" in history), 21st-century preservation has been making a shift towards community development, living landmarks, public access, neighborhood character, and stories of "the common man" as incorporated into the larger historical narrative."

National Organizations

The National Trust For Historic Preservation
is a nonprofit organization with more than 260,000 members. As the leader of the national preservation movement, the National Trust is committed to saving America's diverse historic environments and to preserving and revitalizing the livability of communities nationwide.

National Park Service conducts the National Historic Landmarks Program to identify, designate, recognize, and protect buildings, structures, sites, and objects of national significance. The National Register of Historic Places is the United States of America's official list of historic properties worthy of preservation.

Designed to give preservationists and those involved in related endeavors a foothold on the Internet, this is a continually evolving service that is updated twice a month or more. Contains a huge number of
links, making it an excellent research source for preservationists. Operated through the volunteer efforts of students at Cornell University.


Indiana Preservation Sites

Anderson Downtown Neighbors Association
n ever growing website dedicated to Anderson Historic Preservation and history. The Neighborhood Pictures & Information page contains a large selection of links to picture and house histories. Some of these include: Then & Now with historic vs. present day neighborhood views plus recent restoration projects and Homes for Sale, which provides pictures of various properties available in the area.

Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana
Historic Landmarks Foundation is a private nonprofit group supported by memberships and contributions that seeks to enrich contemporary life and leave a legacy of landmarks. This Web site is still in development; check back each month for more news, information and entertainment.

Future Ligonier Alliance
A grassroots organization started in 2003 whose goal is to restore and preserve the historic downtown that Ligonier, Indiana has. We are located on the historic Lincoln Highway Route (Currently Indiana 5) and have about 44,000 cars pass through our (ironically) forgotten downtown. Nobody looks twice and there are many who would rather tear the buildings down then deal with restoring them. We have some awesome architecture in Ligonier and I wanted to inform you of the F.L.A.'s efforts, as they coincide very closely to your organization.


Indiana General Interest and History Sites

Bloomington Indiana- Share your old town photos
Large gallery on Facebook of historic photos found around the Net.

Click Back In Time Historic Tour of Valparaiso
Virtual tour of Valparaiso from the 1900’s. Click on “Visit Valparaiso” to do the virtual tour. You can click on the navigation compass located on the bottom left of the screen. Great site!

Department of History, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
This link takes you directly to the IPFW's Historic Preservation links, including the National Historic Landmarks Program, National Park Service Links to the Past, Publicly Accessible Lighthouses and Treasures of the Nation.

Lost Indiana
"As these industrial giants waned in the global economy, sleepy state highways were passed by great interstates, the railroads faded, and we are left with the discarded shells of what Indiana is no longer. These pages chronicle my continuing desire to snapshot these markers of our history before they fade forever into dust."

Frankfort, Indiana
This site is devoted to promoting commerce and aiding preservation in downtown Frankfort, Indiana.

Lafayette Square
National Historic Neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri.

West Baden Springs Hotel
Excellent site on one of Indiana's most important landmarks, the West Baden Springs Hotel. Contains dozens of photos, including historical photographs and documentation of the restoration process. Created by
Keith Howard and maintained by his son, Kenny.

Marktown Historic District
This Northwest Indiana neighborhood was designed by Chicago architect Howard Van Doren Shaw in 1917 for industrialist Clayton Mark. It has been referred to as "the Brigadoon of Industrial Housing, rising out of the mists of industry every few years."


Our natural environment is important too! Below are links to Indiana environmental sites. Indiana
Contains comprehensive lists of hazardous waste sites in Indiana. EcoIndiana is devoted to Indiana's environment and to those organizations active in the restoration, preservation, and defense of our natural heritage

Save the Dunes
An organization of more than 800 members dedicated to protecting the Lake Michigan shoreline from the encroachment of industry.


Other links of interest:

For Historic Homeowners

This Old House Online
The official website of the popular PBS TV series. Includes questions and answers, bulletin boards, a home maintenance encyclopedia, and featured houses.

On Indiana

Directory of Indiana
A page on Miller Beach, Indiana, with links to information about aviation pioneer Octave Chanute, Northwest Indiana links, and Miller pages.

Yahoo Regional:U.S. States:Indiana:Cities
Extensive list of links to Indiana city pages on the Yahoo! servers.


Broadacre All-Wright Site
Devoted to documenting buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. There are currently eight known Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in Indiana, two of them in Gary, all designed as private residences.

Historic Annapolis Foundation
Annapolis, Maryland. Has a good section on "Caring for your Old Building" with helpful hints and photos.

Calumet Regional Archives Offers info on the Archives at Indiana University Northwest and its collections for those interested in NWI history. Steve McShane is the Archivist/Curator.


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